Horror of The Unheard: Race, Sex, and Class Power Dynamics in Gothic Media

Horror is one of film and literatures most polarizing genres. People either love, or hate consuming media that is intentionally aiming to strike fear and cause discomfort. When we struggle to fall asleep after watching a scary movie, it is the fear of the boogieman keeping us awake, not the fear of the government. The fears that seep into our nightmares are unsettling fantasies, rather than horrors that follow us into the daylight.

Horror unheard examines the way in which gothic media illustrates real life terrors experienced by people who are marginalized by dominant society. We will review supernatural, and realistic depictions of historical and contemporary horrors such as slavery, poverty, sexism and other abuses of power.

This is a critical analysis course. The major assignments focus on research and writing. For the final assignment students will have the option to write a critical analysis paper, or create a video essay.

Viewings include:
The Housemaid, Kim Ki-young
Tales from the Hood, Rusty Cundieff
The Babadook, Jennifer Kent
Readings include:
The Bluest Eye, Toni Morrison
The Turn of The Screw, Henry James
Carrie, Stephen King
Full syllabus requests can be sent to vfortehernandez@gmail.com

Featured image from Candyman directed by Bernard Rose