ICONIC: Cult Classics VS Dominant Culture

As a kid, did you ever buy a movie ticket to a PG movie, only to sneak into the theatre screening an R-Rate movie you were not allowed to watch? As film viewers, we are often drawn to the films we are warned against. Many movies that are celebrated today as cult classics rose to fame as a result of spectacle and controversy.

This course will compare the subject matter and content of these films to mainstream popular culture during the time period of their premieres. We will examine advertisements, and newspapers to get a sense of trends in order to see how these films challenged conventions. We will also look at how early response to these movies compares to the way they are being remembered today.

This is a critical analysis course. The major assignments focus on research and writing. For the final assignment students will have the option to write a critical analysis paper, or create a video essay.

Viewings include:
The Exorcist,  William Friedkin
Pink Flamingos, John Waters
The Life of Brian, Terry Jones
Readings include:
Cult Cinema: An Introduction, Jamie Sexton, Ernest Mathijs
Defining Cult Movies: The Cultural Politics of Oppositional Tastes, Mark Jancovich, Andrew Willis, Julian Stringer, Antonio Lazaro Reboli (Editors)

All American Ads (Series), Steven Heller (Author), Jim Heimann (Editor)

Full syllabus requests can be sent to vfortehernandez@gmail.com

Featured image from The Rocky Horror Picture Show directed by Jim Sharman