A Quarantine Movie Journey

It should surprise no one that I have spent many days watching movies, rain or shine. Sometimes I judge myself for staying in on sunny days, but I have just returned to Vancouver after a 2 week family visit in the U.S.A. which puts me at the start of a 2 week isolation period. The Canadian government has ordered me to stay inside and watch movies (ok, I added that second part).

As a hardcore introvert I find myself feel incredibly exhausted after spending lots of time interacting with people, even my immediate family. The exhaustion of a two-week social period, paired with the sadness of leaving home put me in desperate need of comfort movies. My ultimate comfort movie is Steel Magnolias. I have watched Steel Magnolias many Sundays in a row as the most reliable cure for the Sunday Saddies*.

When I watch movies, I don’t just watch one. I watch a lot. I tend to pick the movie I am most eager to watch, and then find a way to create a theme around it. I have done this with Steel Magnolias on multiple occasions. The best theme I have ever come up with around Steel Magnolias was a Dolly Parton Day**.

After returning from a fun but tiring family visit during a pandemic, and being separated from my family by an indefinitely closed border, I needed more comfort than Steel Magnolias alone could provide. I started drafting ideas for a new theme. It had to be one I hadn’t done recently, and above all else it had to be comforting. Father of The Bride popped into my mind as a movie that has cured previous cases of Sunday Saddies. This combo presented the wholesome, soothing theme of wedding movies.

Having a theme in mind, and a 14 day lock down in place I realized I would definitely be facing new themes in the coming days… What if I found a way to connect my themes? What if I turned my isolation agenda into an intentional journey through the numerous films I was bound to watch. Throughout my quarantine period, I’ll be posting about my viewings. Each post will focus on a specific movie theme. The first theme will be wedding movies, aka my latest excuse to rewatch Steel Magnolias.

*Sunday Saddies is a specific type of capitalism related sadness. The main symptom is being struck by intense sadness on Sunday afternoon when you realize the weekend is over and you will have to return to work in under 24 hours.

**Dolly Parton day includes Steel Magnolias, 9 to 5, and Dumplin